Jessica Simpson Posts Powerful Sobriety Instagram

We would see each other for vacation breaks and long weekends. When we were first dating she would have to be back home by the time the street lights came on. We carried on this long-distance relationship for over five years before we were married during the summer before my third year of medical school.

And it was pretty much that way for 10 years. I look back and am amazed at how long I was OK with settling for that life. When I stopped drinking alcohol, I was desperate to know the stories of other people who’d also taken this road less traveled. During the most unsettling time of my life, I craved all the messy, tragic, complex, wonderful stories that could show me what was on the other side. Nobody in my real life could meet that need, so I turned—as I always do when I need comfort, encouragement, or inspiration—to books. Before I knew it, I was planning my life around drinking.

Scott B. – Sober Since March 1988 (Encore of Episode

Mentally, I feel better, too, but it has taken time. When you’re a non-drinker, there’s no escaping or “checking out”—not in the way alcohol enables you to, anyway. I’ve learned to stay and work through things and hold myself emotionally accountable.

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I once heard someone say, “Abstinence-based recovery is like living with a caged, raging, tiger in your living room. If you open the door for any reason, you know it will kill you. The non-abstinence-based addictions are the same, but you have to open the door to that cage three times a day.” Sounds about right.

An Artist And A Scientist Take On The Stigma Of Addiction

In the image, which was taken right before the “I Wanna Love You” singer embarked on her sobriety journey, Jessica sits perched on a cushion in the sunlight as she looks off into the distance. For the image’s caption, Jessica detailed where exactly she was at that point in her life. If Simpson has her way, she may soon be spending more time in the studio. “I am ashamed to say that I don’t know who got them into their costumes that night,” she wrote in the book, according to People.

I knew that if I did, that would mean I had a problem. At first I struggled to feel “drunk enough” to belong at AA. Not many people ride into those meetings on a scary genogram. The DUI-divorce-got-fired stories made me wonder if I sobriety stories was in the wrong place. As a rule-follower, I found a sponsor and asked her if I was in the right meetings. She diagnosed me with “a pupu platter of addictions”—not too much of any one thing, but enough of each one to be concerned.

Jessica Simpson celebrates 6-year sobriety journey: ‘I didn’t respect my own power’

Through our integrated treatment programs, we’ve helped thousands of people choose recovery over addiction and get back to life on their own terms. We’re on a mission to save one million lives over the next century. We encourage all those struggling with substance use to seek professional help.

  • “Drinking made me feel at ease, comfortable in my skin, and finally not hyper-vigilant of what people thought about me,” she says.
  • Kate uses healthy coping mechanisms like writing and exercising.
  • I was to the point I was drinking before work during work and after work on the days I actually went to work.

Our marriage became further strained, as my wife apparently still wanted additional children. I underwent a reversal of the vasectomy, and soon thereafter, my wife was pregnant with our third healthy child. After six years, I was becoming dissatisfied with work because I didn’t feel I had adequate support from my group or the hospital. After a brief job search, certainly hindered by my alcohol consumption, I returned to the large academic practice where I trained. Meanwhile, I met a girl from back home with whom I began a relationship during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. She was being raised in an old world male-dominated society.

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